Top 10 ReactJS Development Companies in 2021

In such a changeable environment of the Web Development world, keeping track of all the technologies and frameworks seems to be essential. There are plenty of them, and attempt to choose which one fits your needs may pose certain difficulties. In this article we will briefly discuss such a framework as React JS, outline its main advantages and list Top 10 React.js development companies using it for development.

React JS is an open-source library for user interface creation, announced by Facebook in 2013 and gradually gained a deserved popularity. The main technical feature of the framework and the reason why it’s being chosen by developers is its flexibility, since it’s possible to make code amendments in an application at any period of time, and implement new app features without rewriting the code. In addition to the convenience for developers, React is also beneficial for potential clients who are planning to hire a company for project development and here are several advantages that are worth mentioning:

  1. Page rendering is faster, which provides a better interaction with an application.
  2. Cost-effectiveness as there is no need to duplicate the code, what leads to the reduction of time spent for the development and hence expenses
  3. React JS is SEO friendly

The number of companies specializing in React is constantly growing, but here is the list of Top 10 companies using the framework. They have proven experience and successfully launched projects.

1. Swenson He

Average hourly rate: 150–199 USD
Top Clients: Stanford Medicine, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Power Music

Swenson He, a company based in the United States, was founded in 2014 and now counts up to 50 employees. It has proficiency in a variety of technologies, so any demanding client will definitely get a product that fits all his/her needs. The company focuses on the goals its client strives to reach, and implements its knowledge and skills to facilitate the customer software project enter the market. Swenson He has implemented an impressive variety of products with expertise in Internet of Things (IOT), Healthcare, Media, E-commerce.

2. WillowTree

Average hourly rate: 150–199 USD
Top Clients: PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, FOX, National Geographic

In 2021 WillowTree will have its 13th anniversary. The company is based in the United States, and currently has 500+ full-time team qualified members. The company made a bet on clients’ amazement by way of delivering digital products of the highest quality that would also fit the business needs and requirements. Such a concept has worked well, and at this moment the company is a leader in digital product development, which is absolutely deserved.

3. XB Software

Average hourly rate: 25–49 USD
Top Clients: BBC, Boeing, Samsung

XB Software was founded as a small startup in the year of 2008 in Belarus. By 2021 from a startup it grew into a company that counts 150+ employees and has already implemented hundreds of projects for various clients from all over the world. The company uses contemporary technologies for web development in a wide range of industries such as Logistics and Transportation, Real Estate, Business Services, etc., and offers transparent and reliable service for its clients. XB Software is engaged in outsourcing and has its own successful projects, such as Webix and GanttPro.

4. Wasko Software

Average hourly rate: 50–99 USD
Top Clients: ORANGE, T-mobile

Wasko was established pretty long ago, in 1988 in Poland, and by 2021 has employed more than 500 team members. There is a wide range of skills its developers have, such as Java, PHP, Angular, .Net, React+React Native, Python. The company is one of the biggest Polish Software Development companies using Agile methodologies to deliver the best solutions both for local and international markets.

5. Merixstudio

Average hourly rate: 50–99 USD
Top Clients: Toshiba, HSBC, Volkswagen

The company was founded in 1999 and its main office is situated in Poland. At the moment the company counts more than 200 team members. Merixstudio builds complex digital products for the clients across the world and uses contemporary technologies with a focus on JavaScript, Python, PHP and cross-platform frameworks (React Native). It collaborates both with famous global brands and with successfully scaled startups and provides full support throughout the whole lifecycle of the project, which includes project management, quality assurance and product design services.

6. Spec India

Average hourly rate: < 25 USD
Top Clients: Fujicom, Hitachi, L’Oreal Paris

Spec India placed in Ahmedabad already has 30 years’ experience in web development. In their 30 years journey, the company acquired about 500 high-qualified employees and implemented more than a thousand successful software projects for its clients in such spheres as Healthcare, Shipping & Logistics, Education, Energy & Utilities, Real Estate and Manufacturing. From its very start in late 80s till nowadays the company is strictly keeping an eye on the quality of services delivered to the clients and there is no hint that this tradition may be violated in future.

7. Powercode

Average hourly rate: 25–49 USD
Top Clients: HR Forecast, Grey Hawk A.I

Powercode is a comparatively young company based in Ukraine, which has been a player in the market since 2015. For the period of time of 6 years the company established itself as a client-oriented and reliable partner to cooperate with. There are now around 200 skilled professionals in Powercode with a creative and non-standard way of thinking. For this team each and every project is unique with no exceptions. The company provides a wide range of services including digital protection, IT consulting on the equal basis with engineering.

8. 7Edge

Average hourly rate: 25–49 USD
Top Clients: Facebook, IBM

7Edge was founded in India in 2010 and now counts about 250 employees. It is engaged in the development of web and mobile applications using emerging technologies, such as Angular, Node, Ruby on Rails, and positions itself as an Internet-First company. During the existence of 7Edge, it has successfully launched hundreds of projects in different industries for the clients across the globe. The company provides transparent, creative and reliable service for its customers throughout the years.

9. Simbirsoft

Average hourly rate: 25–49 USD
Top Clients: ABBYY, Kimberly-Clark

Simbirsoft is located in Russia and has been operating since 2001. It specializes in creating world class software products and services for its customers. The company has evolved from a small team to a global enterprise for these years and at the present time the number of the employees exceeds 800 team members. Simbirsoft has already developed more than 800 projects within such industries as Finance, Education, Telecommunications, Healthcare and proved itself as a reliable partner the customer can count on.

10. OpenXcell

Average Hourly rate: < 25 USD
Top Clients: Unilever, UTV

OpenXcell was founded in 2009 and has offices in India and the USA. About 500 professionals are employed here, and more than 350 of them with strong expertise in technical domains. OpenXcell leverages the most contemporary technologies and strategies to deliver reliable service to its clients. The company develops high-quality iOS and Android apps for both startups and enterprise customers, and has already deployed more than 1500 mobile applications that are now widely used.

Obviously, the number of companies providing React.js development services is enormous and choosing the right vendor for your project turns into a challenge. Therefore it’s necessary to check the following points if you decide to entrust your project to any company: quality of work and price, clients’ testimonials, reviews and ratings on various platforms, and mentioned above React JS development companies were shortlisted on this base. Thank you for having read this article, I do hope it was useful!

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